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Sirens and Leviathans – Now available!

The launch of Sirens and Leviathans went so much better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you to everyone who read my book! A huge hug and thanks if you left a review!

As you know, reviews are gold to authors, and so very important. When you leave a review, you are doing something special for the author, and we thank you!

I am currently working on Storms and Embers, but at the Launch Day Q&A, I had some questions asked that I will put here for the people who missed it.

  1. Will there be a Medusa book? A) Yes, most likely two in fact. One will be a novella about Amphitrite and Medusa before all the events in the Reign of Goddesses series, and because I adore Medusa, she will have her own book in the future.
  2. Is the new series coming out next year Greek Mythology? A) it is mythology, but not Greek. I will be mixing mythologies throughout my career (), but Clan of Shadows will be Celtic Mythology. I will do more Greek in the future, but most likely Nordic and Slavic, and many others, as well.
  3. Is Storms and Embers the last of the Reign of Goddesses series? A) It is the last of the trilogy, yes, but not the last book I will write of their world. Hera and the crew will pop back up in the future.
  4. Will there be a hardback or boxset? A) yes. My cover designer, whom I owe all the wine and chocolate in the world (and my editor deserves her own private island, the saint of a woman), will be designing these.
  5. When will Storms and Embers release? A) November 8, 2022

There were a few others, but those held spoilers of the book. 

Again, thank you again everyone! 

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